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Tips to Prepare for Natural, Unmedicated Birth - Part One


Clients and friends always ask me, “How did you have 3 kids with no medication, and you had one at home! WOW.”

Well I’m finally about to tell you how. From my personal and birth doula experience I learned some skills that could help mothers prepare for unmedicated birth. Generally first time moms are afraid of the unknown. Afraid of the pain and what to expect from contractions when labor starts. I understand this because I was afraid too, but I also seriously didn’t want any pain medication. Therefore, I had to figure out how to go through with it.

There are things you can do of course, but this post is more the prerequisite to any classes or style you would want to go with, like Hypnobirthing for example. The major takeaway is you have too mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare yourself.

Like you would the SAT, LSAT, MCAT, or buying a house. You have to prepare for months for things you want to succeed in and Natural Birth is no different.

If you want to want to have a unmedicated birth or are pregnant anyway keep reading…

Your Mindset

Number 1 Priority

Once you find out you are pregnant, pregnancy becomes your top priority! Nothing else matters; work takes a back seat, social requirements are no longer required, long trips became fewer, late nights are done. You can still work of course, but your health, relaxation, peace of mind is your main focus, and if work doesn’t align with that I would suggest consider how you can make that a possibility. If possible, try to lower your work load or take advantage of your PTO

What are you willing to change for the birth experience you want? I am not saying you do this and you will have a perfect birth but at least you can say you gave it your all and you throughly prepared yourself. 

Preparation is Key

Preparing for labor again is analogous to preparing for a major exam. Have you wondered how women give birth at home, in the fields, at the birth center, in hospital with no medication? They are surprisingly not any different from you? They have the same body parts as you, but the main thing is they prepared, prepared, prepared.

They showed up for themselves, believed and trusted in what God created them to be. That is the secret. It is nothing more than a mental trip. They made this birthing experience their top priority. They thought about it everyday, read books, articles, talked to people, researched, and studied birth like they were preparing for an exam. This is the level of intensity it will require.

Connection and Affirmations

  • 1 Center yourself and connect with your divine women power! Owning your God given “talent” of being able to carry, birth and feed a baby is the first step. Women are divine, spiritual, exquisite beings. Your gift and the trust bestowed upon women from the Creator to bring life into this world is pretty phenomenal. It may sound all holy and spiritual, but it is true. It is what it is.
  • 2 Men are not born with a uterus, women are. It is all on us. We have the the strength and heart to do it. This is a transformational, multi-dimensional, field you are stepping into. You have to be connected with your mind and heart the whole time. If you check out and are unplugging yourself from God and your baby, you will subsequently unplug from yourself.
  • 3 It is a must to maintain that divine connection with your spirt and staying in the moment. Tap into your goddess, it is there, she has always been there waiting for you to see her. Don’t leave her behind on the biggest day of your life.
  • 4 No matter the outcome, it is important to stay in the game and feel connected to yourself, God and your baby. Birth is bigger than graduation, prom, wedding, birth is the highest level of gratitude and closeness to God we can get.

Maintain your Focus

As a doula, my biggest heartache is seeing the defeat in my mothers’ eyes. Here is how you maintain your focus:

  • 1 Walking into a hospital can create a lot of anxiety for moms and dads. But remember you have to keep your connection. This may seem like a tough one but I have seen many women maintain that connection with themselves when they get in the hospital. Including myself.
  • 2 When you are prepared, connected, and focused you will walk into the hospital ready to have your baby. You have spent weeks, days and hours preparing for this moment. You know how to connect and feel what is going on. You know when contractions are coming, how to breath through them and where to go in your mind.
  • 3 In addition to your doula and spouse being right there with you, rubbing your back, hip squeezing, and breathing with you. Your mind acting as your main comfort measure is equally as important as physical support. You are the only one experiencing the contractions and only you can control what you are thinking about to get through them.
  • 4 Therefore, when you arrive in triage, put on the hospital gown, get connected to IV,  your only job is to remain focused like you have been and maintain your connection to yourself.

I hope this was helpful. My main request is to please mamas, spend more time preparing for labor, leave the baby shower planning to family and friends, you are undergoing a life changing event sis you have to be present and show up.

Don’t be afraid because you are made for this and will be just fine! The next blog will be on how to prepare physically for birth which will compliment your mental and spiritual preparedness. Stay tuned!

If you are ready to work, I am excited to be your doula.

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- Charissa Young

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Prenatal Yoga Teacher


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